Guest Mix #2: Andrew Ingram - Expedition Whales

Guest Mix #2: Andrew Ingram - Expedition Whales

Second guest mix for Turgid World comes courtesy of Andrew Ingram, resident and co-promoter of Glasgow's Slabs of the Tabernacle night. He also happens to be co-founder of the excellent Tabernacle Records which has put out some sterling records over the last 18 months or so.
Andrew has supplied us with a mix that touches on the deeper side of House and Techno and he's also chucked a couple of bangers from Tabernacle Records in for good measure.
Here's the track-list:
Space Time Continuum - Transmitter
Placid Angles - Casting Shadows (On Warm Sundays)
passEnger - Frustration Device
City 2 City - Ocean Deeper
Vladislav Delay - Recovery IDea ​(​The Mike Huckaby SYNTH Remix​)
Strand - Fourth & Go
Détaché - Shapes And Shadows
TR One - Drum Dance (Juju & Jordash's Dub Dance)
The Third Man - Stepping Over
Abstract Division - Deformation (Norman Nodge Remix)
Trackmasta Lou - To Day Is A Good Day (The Analogue Cops Remix)
Autechre - Montreal
E.R.P. - Mimosa Canopy
Versalife - Quantic Dream
Arcanoid - Sad (Talking About)
Lost Trax - B02
Trauma - CCC


An eclectic mix for you to enjoy over the Bank Holidays courtesy of Intergalactic Gary

Intergalactic Gary's mixes are always spot on and this one is no different. This live recording is testament to his ability to weave through genres with ease without it ever sounding cheesy or shit and always keeping you interested no matter how long he's playing for. He's a true master of his trade and I wish I had his record collection!



Excellent mix from Chicago's Specter

I really enjoyed listening to this last night. I had it on in the background whilst watching the Chelsea versus Barcelona game and it was a particularly pleasant soundtrack as a counterbalance to the intensity of the game. Nice and deep and a sterling effort from Specter, who I hope to check out in the dark basement of a club next time he's in London.

Here's the link:



Guest Mix: Andy Green/Verdant Recordings

Andy popped this mix into my inbox a couple of days ago, which he kindly put together over the weekend.

When Turgid Worlds Collide

Andy's mixes are usually Ambient by nature, recorded under his Verdant Recordings moniker and can be found at his website http://verdant-recordings.com/

It was these mixes that led to him being asked to record an ambient mix for the now defunct Bleep 43 podcast series.

He was also recently asked to guest host a show alongside his long time friend Rick Hopkins, for the excellent Berlin based Estimulo Radio, showing that he also has a canny ear for all things House.

Here's a link to a recording of the show: http://soundcloud.com/verdant-recordings/esti_rick_verdant

As a break from the norm Andy has put together for us a slow-building Techno mix that thumps away nicely by the end. Here's the tracklist;

Method One /Symbol 5.4
Donato Dozzy & Neel /HGS
Morphosis /Too Far (Marcel Dettman Mix 1)
Ripperton and Alex Attias /The Last Hour (Red Shape Laser Mix)
Redshape /Bound
Ozka /Without Words
Conforce /Ominous Chemical Warfare
Submersible Machines /Braving the Benthic
Volk /Planetary Gathering
Monolake /Stratosphere
69 /Rushed
Silent Servant /Mad Youth
Robert Hood /Realm 2 (Substance Mix)
Planetary Assault Systems /Beauty in the Fear (The Black Dog’s Destroyed On Purpose Mix 2)
Substance /Emerge 2
Roman Lindau / Borne
Claro Intelecto /Tone


An enjoyable jam for you from Juju & Jordash

There seems to be a decent little scene coming along in Holland at the moment. In fact the last couple of mixes that I have posted up on here have been from Dutch based DJ's/Producers.

Juju & Jordash are two Israeli guys that are based in Amsterdam and I was really impressed with them when I saw them play live just before Christmas.

They basically just improvise and jam together on old Analogue hardware and even had a slide guitar, which actually worked really well coupled with their use of a microphone to add the odd muffled vocal here and there. Which again strangely works well.

This recording of a recent live set they did in Bucharest went down a treat this morning and reminded me a lot of the night in London i.e they seemed to have the guitar in use for this one which they haven't seemed to use that often recently when I've listened to some of their other live sets.

Anyway, here's the link:



Worth an afternoon listen

I came across this for the first time today.


I'd come across a live recording about a year ago from Orgue Electronique that was taken from his set at Bloc Festival 2011 which was absolutely ace, but unfortunately it was only on Intergalactic Fm for 2 days before being taken down. I couldn't find it again and was gutted that it wasn't available for download at the time either.

This mix is the next best thing and is a recording of a live set that he did at the tail end of last year in Bristol and although not quite being the Bloc set's equal, it's still a bloody good listen and well worth checking out if you have a spare hour.


Meat Liquor - Food For Window Lickers

I recently visited an American-style burger restaurant in central London that goes by the name of Meat Liquor. It's a place that has been heavily talked up of late by people who really should know better.

From the moment we arrived the whole experience was horrendous. The restaurant has a strict no bookings policy so you have to queue for an extremely long period (we were queueing for over an hour) and I can only imagine this pretentious rule is in force to try and build hype and make the restaurant look like the hottest place in town due to the 200 people snaking around the outside of the building waiting for their supper. I just found the policy wanky and annoying and I was praying that once inside the food would blow my socks off with it's quality but yet again I was let down.


Things that annoy me: Celebrity Shitbags

Noel Edmonds 

His whole cheesy persona makes me want to head-butt the television. I’d like to break into his house in the middle of the night and chop off that dreadful, quiffed mullet that he’s been sporting since the early 80’s and force feed him the hair afterwards, the absolute cock-cheese! 

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant  

I can’t stand these two and their annoyingly childish, giggling antics and nauseating dialogues. I’d love to drop kick them both off the white cliffs of Dover, preferably tied to a washing machine and fridge respectively. 

Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby 

If I could eat my own head whilst they are on the TV/Radio I would. Their grating voices and utterly false facial expressions leave me monumentally annoyed. If there was any justice they would have been slowly reversed over by a blind truck driver some time ago.

And yes, that is a book that is titled 'The Best Friends Guide To Life' that they have apparently 'written'. I'm sure it's an utterly enthralling read.

I certainly wouldn't want to be taking any 'life advice' of these two muppets. What advice would they actually have to give you?

'Only use Clarins make-up, always jog around the park anti-clockwise as it tones your bum and legs better, make sure you get your 5 a day, always wipe your arse after having a poo, don't eat white bread, treat yourself to a cupcake once a month, only drink once a decade, don't take drugs, never kiss on the first date and never put your tongue in, don't masturbate because it's wrong, drink prune juice, always brush your teeth before, during and after a meal, listen to Katie Melua and James Blunt every day, don't fart or burp because girls don't do that sort of thing, always offer your seat on the bus to someone taller than you, don't walk just skip everywhere instead.'.....PISS OFF YOU PAIR OF FUCKWITS! 

Elvis Presley  

I just can’t handle listening to his farty, warbling voice.

He does get slight kudos for dying on the bog whilst chewing on a loaf of bread though.

This picture was taken at his final ever live performance, looking suitably bloated.

Piers Morgan 

He’s just a smarmy arse-wipe whose head resembles a melting bollock. Enough said.

Ruth Goodman 

I don't watch an awful lot of TV these days but came across a dreadful programme one afternoon with this ultra annoying munter who was cooking foods from the 17th and 18th centuries.

She was god awful to look at, but at least gave me something to gawp at for half an hour.

She resembled a witch (sporting a huge hook nose and the obligatory wart or two on her face) and she dressed like she was still living five hundred years ago, in clothes she'd probably weaved herself from flaxen.  I honestly reckon she wishes that she worked as a skivvy in Henry VIII's court, getting paid in dead mice and only being allowed outside if it started to rain, so she could go and wash away her month old stench.

What a mix!

I listened to this mix twice yesterday as I enjoyed it so much, an educational journey through old and new Chicago records expertly put together by Intergalactic Gary, a New Zealander who's based in the Netherlands.



A copy of the Cut Hands - Afro Noise album fell through my door today. Brain drillingly intense at times and not the easiest of listens, but it may be one that's a grower with repeated listening...If I can actually summons myself to repeatedly listen to it.

This track is probably the easiest to handle off the whole album and a good starting point should you be intrigued enough to give the album a listen.

Here's a track off the album that is fairly accessible (although not that accessible to be fair, the sounds at the start remind me of those old fire alarm bells that we used to have at our primary school! The drum beats aren't too bad though and I quite like the track as a whole)

A break from the norm with a bit of C&C

I enjoyed having this on in the background this morning. It's a mix they recorded for The Quietus that seems like it was recorded around a year ago but I only came across today.

A mixture of some of their favourite personally produced tracks coupled with a few tracks that they appreciate from other artists. Nothing too heavy going and fairly pleasant listening on this sunny spring morning.


Techno Monday

I decided to have a break from listening to House music (after listening to it a fair bit over recent weeks) and instead have an afternoon enjoying some Techno mixes. Here's a few tracks that I enjoyed listening to from a recent recording of a Surgeon set at Berghain .

If you'd like to listen to the set in it's entirety then here it is. (The last hour is particularly banging)